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Alabama Lawn Care Experts


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Alabama Lawn Care Experts offers free estimates for grass cutting, lawn care, yard clean up, shrub trimming, tree cutting, leaf removal, and property maintenance for the Montgomery, Pike Road and surrounding areas.
Alabama Lawn Care Experts cut grass, trim shrubs, prune trees for both residential & commercial properties

Alabama Lawn Care Experts is a locally owned and operated lawn care company. We provide lawn care for the Montgomery, Pike Road, Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka and surrounding areas. Our commitment is to provide customer satisfaction at a fair price. It is our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations; we accomplish this by developing a positive relationship with each customer and by using years of experience to provide exceptional service.

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Amanda Cheyenne, Alabama LawnCare Experts Executive Customer Service Director


Let us do all of the work so you can relax and enjoy your freshly manicured yard. Alabama LawnCare Experts takes great pride in keeping our customer's yards looking their very best. Our basic yard services consist of mowing, edging and blowing. See the list of services below for some of the more popular services that we offer. 

Commercial & Residential Lawn Care 

A Great looking Lawn enhances your home, one that has some obvious shortcomings will detract from the look of a home and the neighborhood in general. A weed and patchy lawn or a dead plot of grass can bring down the value of the home it’s connected to, and it makes outdoor activities less enjoyable.

Healthy turf doesn’t materialize by accident. It’s the result of timely feeding, watering, and regular maintenance. Smart lawn care not only creates a luxurious carpet of grass, it is also your first and easiest line of defense against weeds, insects, disease and other lawn problems. Preventing them from occurring is always easier than dealing with them after they rear their ugly heads.

 Alabama LawnCare Experts also provide all of our customers with comprehensive “Preventative Maintenance” programs for problem solving ensuring that you always have the right solution for whatever problem crops up.

Keeping ahead of lawn problems and on top of your lawn’s needs entails just a little diligence and the right knowledge and advice.  We provide a watchful eye and the appropriate solutions you need to create a verdant, rich green lawn that you and your family can enjoy with pride.

You can learn a lot about your lawn just by looking at it, the color is the first thing that sticks out.  A healthy, well-fed, and well-tended lawn will be a deep consistent green.  And it’s not just the color: a healthy lawn is also dense and cut suitably high so that it has the welcoming appeal and magnetism of a plush carpet. 

We know growing a better lawn is the product of a little thought, a little time, and making sure the lawn is kept healthy.  If your lawn is kept trim, fertilized and watered, your lawn will do the rest-filling out in a thick eye-catching green and will look good even in periods of drought, overuse, or less-than-ideal weather.

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Alabama Lawn Care Experts provide quality lawn care for the Deer Creek and surrounding areas in Montgomery, Montgomery, Deer Creek, Pike Road, Montgomery, Lake Forest, Towne Lake, East Side of Town, Grass Cutting, Mowing Lawn, Shrub trimming, Lawn Care Companies, Commercial & Residential companies,
Alabama Lawn Care Experts use Stihl Lawn Equipment to cut grass and care for your lawn in th, Lawn Care Service, Lawn Companies Montgomery, AL area. uses Wright Lawn Equipment to mow your grass in the Montgomery areas.
Alabama Lawn Care Experts uses Echo lawn equipment to cut your grass and trim your shrubs call them on tday. uses Exmark Lawn Care Equipment to cut your grass in Montgomery uses Toro Equipment to mow your lawn in Deer Creek, Lake Forest, and the Montgomery areas.
Alabama Lawn Care Experts uses Husqvarna Lawn Equipment to cut your commercil Lawn and care for your grass in the Montgomery, Pike Road, Deer Creek and Montgomery areas.
Alabama Lawn Care Experts cut grass with a Hustler mower in Montgomery and they offer FREE estimates, call them on today!
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